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Originally posted on the NAB website. Capitol Hill is searching for more revenue, and some want to upend the advertising tax deduction. That’s basically a tax on ad budgets, and businesses will either pay more to the government or advertise less. Congress is currently discussing tax reform proposals. Thanks to your engagement, the House…(Read More)

This post comes from an email newsletter from Clark Rector, Jr., Executive Vice President of Government Affairs at the American Advertising Federation. House Republicans have released their comprehensive tax reform plan, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill as introduced did not include any limitations on the deduction for advertising expenses. While this is…(Read More)

I received this email forward from the National Broadcaster Association last night from Scott Thomas, General Manager at KFVS, who has been actively engaged in advocating for the protection of the full 100% deduction for advertising expenditures: “Today, House Republicans unveiled their tax reform proposal, and we are pleased to report that with the support…(Read More)

Tax Reform Update


Late yesterday or last night, the SENATE VOTED for a 4 TRILLION BUDGET BILL for the next fiscal year. This bill will now go to the HOUSE for their vote. The significance of this action is that it “tees up” the TAX REFORM ACT as the next major item on the agenda. They have about…(Read More)

The info below is comprehensive regarding describing the current status of the TAX REFORM BILL with this update regarding yesterday’s meeting in the White House with President Trump and the Senate Finance Committee which is the committee that either vote out or vote down consideration of budget/funding bills. Sitting next to President Trump…(Read More)

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