Advertising For A Cause

Advertising For A Cause 2015 Winners

Tri-State Advertising & Marketing Professionals (AMP) awarded Fowler Bonan Foundation’s “Clothes for Kids,” Humane Society of Southeast Missouri, and Kenny Rogers Children’s Center the $190,000 Advertising for a Cause grant established to provide advertising assistance, production and media placement for regional public service organizations.

“This is unbelievably huge for us,” said Dale Fowler, chairman and co-founder of the Fowler-Bonan Foundation’s “Clothes for Kids.” The organization is headquartered in Harrisburg, Illinois, and serves underprivileged children throughout Southern Illinois. “This will put us on an entirely new map, and we look forward to the resulting increase in the kids we will be able to assist with new clothes and shoes.”

The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of pets and people in the area. “We know this amazing opportunity is going to be a huge help to us in spreading our mission throughout the region,” said Holly Godwin, Development Director.   The organization receives no operating funds from the government or the Humane Society of the United States. “We are going to change a lot of lives with this assistance!”

“The increased exposure we will receive from this grant will ultimately result in additional funding that will enable us to provide much-needed, life-changing therapy to those children still waiting to find healing, hope, and inspiration in our care,” said Christy O’Neal, Marketing & Development at Kenny Rogers Children’s Center. The center currently treats nearly 500 special needs children throughout the region, but still has over 250 children waiting to receive help.

Media Contributors

Seventeen regional marketing and media companies, including broadcast television stations FOX 23 KBSI/WDKA MY 49, WPSD and WSIL/KPOB; cable systems Charter Media Southeast Missouri and New Wave Communications Poplar Bluff; radio stations River Radio Group, KYMO, Withers Broadcasting Group, FOX Radio Network Group, Pure Country C106, and Dockins Radio Group; outdoor display companies DSW Signs Outdoor Advertising, Bootheel Signs and ADWORKS; creative service companies Red Letter Communications, Andrew Chronister Video Productions, and The Wright Group have donated $10,000 each for production or placement services to fund the $190,000 grant divided between the three agencies and coordinated by Tri-State AMP. The media partners will develop and implement a multi-media public service campaign for both non-profits. Tri-State AMP received applications from 20 regional public service organizations throughout the group’s three-state service area before selecting Fowler-Bonan Foundation’s “Clothes for Kids”, Humane Society of Southeast Missouri, and Kenny Rogers Children’s Center as the 2015 recipients.

History of Advertising For A Cause

The Advertising for a Cause grant debuted in 2009 when four local media organizations donated $40,000 worth of creative production and media placement to be used for a worthwhile public service campaign with potential to deliver tangible results. Tri-State AMP received the American Advertising Federation’s National Club Achievement Award for the 2011 public service campaign that awarded $100,000 to the SEMO Food Bank. Today, the number of media organizations participating in Advertising for a Cause has quadrupled and the donated amount is nearly five times higher than the original grant.

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